The making of a Super Bowl TV ad
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The making of a Super Bowl TV ad
Skittles, the Chicago-based brand that made its Super Bowl debut last year, is back for its sophomore season with a new spot nearly nine months in the making.The commercial released Tuesday features Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler coming face-to-face with his own larger-than-life portrait, done in Skittles. The colorful candy version breaks into “Dream On,” but egged on by Tyler to hit the high notes, ultimately falls to pieces.Created by ad agency DDB Chicago, “Portrait” continues an offbeat advertising approach for Skittles, but is the first time the brand has used a celebrity in one of its “Taste the Rainbow” commercials.CBS is charging a reported $5 million per 30-second spot for Super Bowl 50 — the most expensive ads in TV history — and will also show the commercials during a free live stream of the game. The game Sunday matches the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif.Last year, Super Bowl XLIX on NBC drew a record 114.4 million viewers, according to Nielsen.Matt Montei, senior marketing director at Chicago-based Wrigley, which owns the Skittles brand, said the decision to return to the Super Bowl was made soon after last year’s game ended.Here is how the spot was created.Images courtesy of Wrigley, DDB and Olson Engage

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