Man says he was fired for wearing fake nails
New Mexico:
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Man says he was fired for wearing fake nails

– A long-time employee at Smith’s says he was unfairly fired for wearing fake nails to work. Now he’s looking to fight the decision, calling it discrimination.


Dominic Lopez said he was about to hit his ten year mark at Smith’s before he was let go Sunday.

Lopez said his pampered fingers and long nails led to his firing at the Smith’s on McMahon and Golf Course.

“I went into work and everything was fine and then hours into my shift, I got called into the office saying I’m terminated because of my nails,” said Lopez.

Lopez said he’s worn fake nails to work for about three years with no problems. He said that changed Saturday when he was wearing bright pink nails.

“They just basically told me that I had to take off the other nail polish and that I had to kind of shorten up my nails,” said Lopez.

He said he did shorten his nails and switch to a more neutral color for his shift Sunday, but they fired him anyway.

“I just didn’t know exactly what to say,” said Lopez. “I was literally in shock.”

KRQE News 13 went to that Smith’s. One manager told us she wasn’t around for the firing, but she said she knew if he came in with the nails again, the plan was to let him go. She went on to say it’s against policy. When asked if that policy was for men and women, she said quote, “It was because he’s a guy.”

News 13 then spoke to another manager, the one Lopez said fired him. He said he couldn’t comment on anything and to call corporate.

We called Smith’s parent company Kroger. We were told the policy on men wearing fake nails is determined by each store.

In the Smith’s handbook, a dress code is mentioned. It said they encourage personal style, but employees must be well groomed and follow dress code standards. It also said employees should check Smith’s Standard Operating Guidelines for more on dress code, guidelines News 13 could not get access to Sunday.

“I’m a good worker, I work hard, I strive for what I work for,” said Lopez.

Lopez said he’s now left heartbroken, being forced to leave a place he said he considered a second home.

“That’s totally discrimination to fire someone because of their nails,” said Lopez.

Lopez said this was his first negative experience with Smith’s. He said he does plan to fight the firing.

Source:   krqe
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John DOe 10 month ago

any rational policy should apply to all persons regardless of gender. shame on smith's / kroger for apparent gender discrimination join me and let smith's know we won't be shopping there while such a policy exists

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