Missing Bronx nurse’s husband ignores NYPD calls
New York:
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Missing Bronx nurse’s husband ignores NYPD calls

The Bronx husband who flew to Bangladesh after his nurse wife disappeared is not answering calls from the NYPD — and he told her parents a story that contradicts what he initially told her co-workers, police said Tuesday.

Associate nurse Mahfuza Rahman, 30, left Bellevue Hospital Dec. 8 and has not been seen since, though her ID card was used a day later at Hunter College, where she is studying to be a registered nurse, Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said.


On Dec. 14, Rahman's husband, Mohammad Chowdhury, 38, told Bellevue she left for Bangladesh because her parents were in a bad car accident and were fighting for their lives, Boyce said.

But a NYPD detective spoke to the parents, who said they were not in an accident.

"His story to them was that he went to look for her [BECAUSE] she had gone missing," said Deputy Chief Jason Wilcox, head of Bronx detectives. "So that story runs counter to what he told the hospital police."

The husband, meanwhile, still hasn't spoken to police since arriving in Bangladesh after he and the couple's 9-year-old daughter left New York on Dec. 14 aboard an Arab Emirates flight and grabbed a connecting flight in Dubai.


"We haven't contacted him yet," Boyce said. "He's not picked up his phone."

Boyce also said Rahman gave her travel agent a return date of Feb. 2, then later changed that to May 2. The same agent, and immigration authorities, Boyce said, have no record of Rahman leaving the United States.

Concern about Rahman's whereabouts started on Dec. 14.

That's when two hospital cops went to the couple's Kingsbridge Heights home, where Chowdhury told them about the "accident." The cops looked around the home, saw nothing unusual and left after taking a picture of his license so they could confirm he was who he stated, Boyce said.

Chowdhury left for Bangladesh later the same day.

Last Friday, worried because Rahman hadn't returned to work in March, as Chowdhury had promised, Bellevue contacted the NYPD.

Boyce said detectives from the 52nd precinct, Missing Persons and Homicide are involved and that Bangladeshi authorities could be asked for help as the case develops.

After Bellevue contacted the NYPD, police raced to the family's home on E. 198th St., took the door down for fear Rahman was in danger and looked for signs of a crime.

They found that a front patio had a fresh layer of concrete, upstairs bedrooms with a seemingly recent paint job and a basement flooded by a busted kitchen pipe, though it's not clear if that was done intentionally.

The patio was dug up Sunday, but a cadaver dog did not pick up any scent. Police are now working to obtain warrants and subpoenas to study the couple's phone, financial and computer records.

Wilcox said Rahman worked in an adolescent unit at Bellevue, where officials would not comment. It wasn't clear if Bellevue would review how it handles such cases, but Boyce said hospital police were not wrong to believe the husband's story.

Chowdhury, who works in food services, has no record.

A Facebook photo shows them in apparent wedded bliss, with him laughing and her smiling broadly.

Police, meanwhile, were back at the home Tuesday looking for evidence. Neighbors said Chowdhury, before leaving with his daughter, asked them to keep an eye on the couple's one-family home.

He even gave his cell number to one neighbor, who later gave it to police.


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