Donald Trump triumphs in Michigan and Mississippi. Onward, reality show junkies
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Donald Trump triumphs in Michigan and Mississippi. Onward, reality show junkies

Donald Trump has absorbed more attacks in the last two weeks from his opponents, their super PACs and the Republican establishment than any candidate I've seen in my five decades around presidential politics.

The "shock and awe" attack of unfriendly fire seems to have had minimum impact on his candidacy as he won two big victories Tuesday night in Mississippi and Michigan. Big Don is still standing and the establishment favorite, little Marco got routed -- finishing out of money in both contests.

Ted Cruz, who came in second in both races in Michigan and Mississippi and won Idaho, keeps fighting to remain relevant. He is having a tough time reaching beyond the evangelical base which he splits with Trump. But the finals of this election cycle could come down to Trump versus Cruz.

John Kasich came in a distant second to Trump in his neighboring state which may bode poorly for his showdown next week in Ohio, the state he governs.

Rubio is on death watch and life support and can't survive if he doesn't win his home state of Florida. Tuesday night's poor showing is not going to encourage the money guys to bet more on him and he faces a real uphill battle to beat Trump in the billionaire’s adopted state of Florida.

Trump’s battle cry "I love Florida and they love me!" will be tested in seven days in the first of the winner take all states. There will be no more second place finishes or silver medals. Win or lose is now the rule of the game.

We have now seen the travelogue of the Trump properties and golf courses, suffered through a full display of all his products from vodka to steaks and the men's accessories made in China.

Tuesday’s night’s Trump victory speech/press conference was like a lengthy sales pitch on Home Shopping Network.

I've never before seen a press conference in which the press is hollering "Stop, please stop! No mas, no mas!" No more questions, please!!”

Donald's hour long tirade and rambling speech was his revenge for the assault on him by the billionaires and their political consultants who have puffed and puffed but can't blow Donald's house down.

Onward, reality show junkies. This show is a long way from being over!

Maybe the only thing that can slow the Donald down is "House of Cards" Frank Underwood. Of course his presidency is in trouble, too. But this reality show is stranger than fiction!

There’s a debate coming Thursday, America!  And another big week coming…

Stay tuned!

Edward J. Rollins is a Fox News contributor. He is a former assistant to President Reagan and he managed his reelection campaign. He is a senior presidential fellow at Hofstra University and a member of the Political Consultants Hall of Fame. He is Senior Advisor for Teneo Strategy.

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